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The CA200 is an advanced, next generation airborne timepiece plus a seven input annuciator. It can scan seven 200 Series instruments and report any out-of-limit conditions the moment they occur; all on one instrument. Once identified, simply glance over the panel to view the exact cause for concern.

With the CA200 mounted either in or close to your primary panel scan you will reduce the need for consistent full panel scans and be automatically made aware of any condition requiring attention.

The CO200 is identical to the CA200 with the exception of the annunciator function. Using one of the world’s most accurate digital timebases they will provide precise time for years to come.

Outside air temperature functionality is TSO’d and meets the temperature accuracy requirements of SAE AS8005 for a Class IIa (+/- 1%) instrument.

Functional displays include:
• UTC Time
• Local Time
• Chronograph
• Flight Time and Interval Timer
• Seven annunciator sense inputs (CA200 only)