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From Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics

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Carburetor Air Temperature Kit includes indicator, probe and connector.

Mid-Continent Instrument’s B-5 Probe is the only FAA Approved S.T.C.’d internal carburetor temperature sensing device. Designed for use with all Marvel-Schebler and Bendix Float-Type carburetors, the B-5 is the only probe that installs at the throttle valve – the critical icing point in fuel induction systems. Used with the MD-11 Gauge, pilots can monitor and control carburetor heating to within 1C for maximum safety and engine efficiency.

- Eliminate carburetor icing
- Reduce spark plug fouling
- Extend engine life
- Increase range and power
- Gain maximum fuel economy
- The B-5 probe is THE ONLY FAA PMA certified carburetor ice probe available