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Fly with confidence and peace of mind —the Lifesaver™ gyro. Even if every other system in your aircraft’s avionics panel goes dark, the Lifesaver powers on. The only attitude indicator with a self-contained battery backup, it delivers one full hour of emergency attitude reference. 1 hr of precious time to pull you through when trouble strikes and all other power fails. Optional slip indicator can be installed anytime. No removal of gyro necessary.

- Custom versions available to match existing instrument/EFIS displays
- Lifesaver® self-contained battery backup features:
- One hour of emergency power (Fully charged and properly maintained battery. See installation manual. )
- Built-in annunciation
- Internal emergency lighting
- A safe alternative to unreliable vacuum systems
- Single connector installation for primary and optional standby battery models
- Exceptional Value – 7,500 hours MTBF, more than double the life of most electric gyros
- Perfect for use as a primary or standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
- 10–32 volt DC operation for use in both 14 and 28 volt aircraft
- Anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces fatigue
- Field replaceable lighting
- Approved to FAA TSO-C4c and RTCA/DO-160D certified
- Qualified to DO-160 for helicopter vibration
- Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA
- One year limited warranty

- MTBF: 7,500 Hours
- Certification: FAA TSO-C4c, RTCA/DO-160D
- Power Input, 10–32 VDC:
- 1400 mA start, 600 mA max. running at 14 VDC input
- 700 mA start, 300 mA max. running at 28 VDC input
- Battery:
- Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid cells
- Life = 3 years in average aircraft environment
- Runtime = 60 minutes minimum, when fully charged and properly maintained
- Annunciators:
- STBY PWR – standby power mode
- TEST – battery test
- Push to engage annunciator
- Lighting: 5, 14 or 28 VDC Incandescent; field-replaceable tray wired through main connector
- Dial: Rotating roll dial, traditional symbolic airplane
- Glass: Special HEA anti-reflective coating
- Weight: 3.7 lbs.
- Length: 8.6 inches
- Mounting: Rear mount in standard 3 1/8” round panel cutout
- Temperature Range: –30°C to +70°C (–22°F to +158°F)